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Gerichtsverhandlung (namen nich beachten)

Offences on a teacher

Lawyer (Joschi): Ladys and gentleman, plsease stand up the judge is coming in.

Judge (Dima): Thank you, sit down please. We’re here to judge if the offender ( Alex A.) guilty that he attacked a teacher with a knife and a weapon. The teacher was threatened with the knife and the students with the handgun.

Prosecuter (Alex G.): Well, yes, but that really sounds too hard. This was just a fun.

Judge (Dima): We’ll see. Mr. Lawyer can you read the offences please.

Lawyer (Joschi): Yes, thank you. The offender came with your friends in the school; it was a day like an other day, normally. The studend Alex A. brought a knife and an automatic pistol with into the school, although it’s forbidden. The day lapsed normally until to the math lesson. The math lesson began after the break, the students went into the classroom and the offender, too. After ten minutes he went behind the teacher and grabs him on his neck with the knife and took out his gun. He leveled his gun on the students. Fortunately he don’t cut the teacher’s gorge and didn’t shot one of the students. That’s why he’s sitting in a teen courts.

Judge (Dima): Ok, thank you. Mr. Alekseev, please come in the front of the room and sit down on that chair. You’re name is Alex Alekseev, right?

Offender (Alex A.): Yes, it’s right.

Judge (Dima): Ok, how old are you?

Offender (Alex A.): I’m 17 years old.

Judge (Dima): Where do you live?

Offender (Alex A.) I live by my parents, Housten Chausses 73.

Judge (Dima): Do you got any sisters or brothers?

Offender (Alex A.): I’ve got a little brother, he goes in the junior highschool.

Judge (Dima): Ok, and which school do you visit?

Offender (Alex A.): I visit the Manhatten College since one year and I’m still in the hockey team.

Judge (Dima): Okay, and what’s about you’re parents?

Offender (Alex A.): My parents works both and they married since 30 years.

Judge (Dima): Ok, an...

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