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George W. Bush

George W. Bush jr.

George Bush jr. is a member of a big politician family. His father George Bush sr. was US President from 1988 to 1992, his brother, Jeb Bush is governor of Florida and his mother, Pauline, organises election campaigns. Bush jr. has been governeor of Texas since 1994. His tactic in the election campaign was to distratc from his detail knowledge, which is much lower than Al Gore´s, and to show emotions and human warmth, for examble in the first television duel he told the watchers, that he had been in a flood area and saw a crying family, whose house had been destructed, and that he had cried with them. After the first and second television duels he led in the surveys, but he profitated from some of Gore´s rare mistakes, who mixed up a few details. But Bush did many mistakes, too. He wasn´t able to name the head of India and other countries and when he told the people what he wanted to do with US American budget surplus of 4.6 trillion dollars, he did sum with much more than 4.6 trillion dollars and another mistake was, that he told the watchers of the third television duel, that after his tax model only one percent of the richest Americans would have to pay fifty percent of the whole taxes.

George W. Bush jr. often moralizes, for examble in opposite to Gore he wants that parents know if their under 18-years-old daughter wants to have an abortion and he doesn´t want abortions to be paid from Social security. He wants to spend 5.5 billion dollars on education, which is 150 billion less than Gore wants to pay, to make sure students in public schools are able to read after the 3rd grade. In the medicine resort he wants to save 100 billion dollars, but like Gore he wants the poorer to get free supply of medicine. Bush was Governor of Texas, so he believes in dead penalty, and he even wants minor criminals to be punished like adults for violent crimes. In one point he totally agrees with Gore, that under 20-years old should not be allowed to ...

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