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George Orwell

George Orwell, who's real name was Eric Blair, was born in 1903 in Motihari,
India and educated in England. 1922 he joined the Indian Imperial Police in
Burma but he returned to England five years later to become a writer. In 1933
he wrote his first book "Down and Out in Paris and London". At this time he
became an opponent of imperialism ("Burmese Days", 1934) and supported
the Socialist ideas. So he went to Spain in 1936 to fight against the Fascists
("Homage to Catalonia", 1938). He wasn't able to join the International Brigade but came to the
Spanish Trotskyists. Six months later he was wounded and had to return to England because the
Communists began to hunt the Trotskyists. In 1937 he wrote a book about the living conditions of
unemployed coal miners in the north of England, called "The Road to Wigan Pier". His two last
novels, which brought him world-wide fame, were "Animal Farm" (1945) and "Nineteen Eighty-four"
(1949). George Orwell died in 1950 in London.
"Animal Farm" is an allegorical fable in which he describes the history of the Soviet Union from the
Russian Revolution until the end of the 2nd World War.
Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, is not able to run his farm because he spends most of his time in
the inn. One night, after he has come home very late and drunk, Old Major, a twelve years old pig,
calls all the other animals of the farm into the barn. There he tells them, that all animals could have
much better living conditions, if they removed their only enemy: man, because he is the only creature,
that consumes, what the others produce without producing anything himself. Old Major is sure that
there will be a rebellion one day and after that all animals will be equal, they will work for themselves
without having to feed their master. Then he teaches them a song about this rebellion, called "Beasts
of England".
Old Major dies only a few days later but the pigs, who see themselves as the cleverest of all animals,
start to ...

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