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George Bernard Shaw Handout

George Bernard Shaw

· à 26.07.1856 in Dublin … 02.11.1950 in Ayot Saint Lawrence
· George Bernard Shaw( Stage Name: Bernard Shaw)
· Playwright, Critic in Newspaper about music, policy and social problems
· Wrote ca. 65 plays and articles and continued his writing at the age of 90 until his death
· Father: George Carr Shawàjobless, alcoholic, wife batterer, loutàstamped the life of his son in every way
· Mother: Lucinda Elisabeth Gurly Shawàprofessional singeràleft son and husband
· 1876àeducationàmoved to his mom to London
· pursing his journalism careeràwrote prose and 5 novelsànever published
· Shaw found flaws in capitalistic systemàfounded with friends Beatrice and Sidney Webb the Fabian Society, a middle-class Socialist groupà prominent members like H.G. Wells
· Wrote political articles in which he argued about the equality of income and advocated the equitable division of land and capital
· Karl Marx said that capitalism was deeply flawed and was unlikely to lastàShaw was the same opinion
· Wrote in an pamphlet in 1897 that socialism “will come by prosaic instalments of public regulation and public administration enacted by ordinary parliaments, vestries, municipalities, parish councils, school boards, etc”
· In 1892 he wrote his first political play ”Widower’s houses”
· From that time on he knew he was a good playwright because he vexed so many people with his social commentary
· he went on to revolutionise the theatre by writing about current social and political problems whereas other playwrighters wrote ”sentimental pap”
· marriage in 1898 till 1943(Charlotte’s death)with Charlotte Payne-Townsend, an Irish woman of independent means
· in 1906 settled from London to Hertfordshire village
· most of his plays dealt with issues such as poverty and women's rights and that socialism could help solve the problems created by capitalism
· First world waràlife of Shaw changed forever: For him...

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