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Galway is a seaport at the Galwaybai in the county of Galway in the west of the Republic of Ireland. In the town, where wool and agriculture products are exported, are many fishmongers, alcoholic fabrics, forges and cereals mills.
The houses of the older city are very unregular arranged. Many of the old buildings show the Spanish influence, because Galway made much transaction with Spain until the 17. century. The new city is builded on a small hill, from wich you can see the bay and the Lough Corrib.
One of Galways most popular church is Saint Nicholas, wich is builded in 1320. In 1270 was a long wall builded around Galway and even today you can see a bit of it. In this time the economical development started.
In Galway is the University College (wich was builded in 1845), wich belongs to the state university of Ireland.
In Galway there are living 57 000 people.

Near Galway there’s the Galwaybay, wich is a bay of the atlantic ocean in west Ireland. This bay is more about 32 kilometres long. This bay is between the counties of Galway and the counties of Clare.
At the end of the bay there’s Galway. Galway is since a long time an important Trade Centrum. At the beginning of the bay there are the Aran-islands. And in this bay are many oysters, because they are breed there. And because of it there is every year an oyster festival.
The county of Galway is on the sea in the Westside of the Republic of Ireland in the province of Connacht. After the county of Cork is Galway with an area of 5939 squarekilometres the second biggest county. In this county are living circa 190000 people.
The most part of Galway is moor, so there are not many places to build new houses ore fabrics. But in the Westside there’s a peninsula wich name is Connemara. This surface is unevenness terrain with height of 730 metres.
At the coast of Galway there are a lot of bays and many islands. In the county of Galway are a lot of lakes. The biggest is Lough Corrib with a leng...

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