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11.9.2001 world trade centre

Englisch Referat

Dorian: Today we will tell you something about the attack on the 11th September 2001

Dorian: First Gabriel tells you some facts about the WTC.

Gabriel: The WTC was built between 1966 and 1973. It was 412 metres high and had 110 floors. It consisted of two towers and it belonged to the largest buildings of the world.
There worked over 40.000 employees on a 1,2 millions m2 office-, restaurant-and buisness area. For building the twintowers were built in over 180.000 tons steel. It had 6 first floors and 3 undergroundstations. The WTC was visited by more than 100.000 people a day.

Gabriel: Now Dorian tells you something about the attack at the WTC at the 11 th September 2001.

Dorian: At the 11 th September 2001 around 8.46 an AA11 crashs in the north tower of the WTC. Around 9.03 the second aircraft crashs in the south tower. At the same time G.W.Bush is sitting with a second-grade class and is reading with the pupils in a storybook. His staff informs him about the attack. Around 9.38 an AA 77 crashs with low- level flight into the Pentagon. Around 9.40 for the first time in the story of the USA all the airports become closed and the airtraffic
is completely stopped. Around 10.07 the south tower falls together in itself.

Gabriel: At first the USA meant the background of the attack is religious, but later Bush thought the assassins attacked the WTC because the USA still had stationed a lot of troops in their country and the assassins could not suffer it.

Dorian: Four passengerairplanes were kidnapped, two were steered in the WTC, one crashed into the Pentagon and one was shot by the army. Only a small part of the Pentagon was destroyed. On this day over 2600 humans died in the WTC, 160 died in the Pentagon and 366 firefighters let their lifes.
Gabriel: Later it was assumed that the terrorists Atta and Umari were the wire- pullers of the attack on the 11 th September 2001. Short time before the assassination, Atta was stopped by...

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