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Ethnic Minorities in Great Britain
Great Britain has with 59 million People the third largest population in the European Union. But Great Britain is also a country with a high ethnic percentage. People from different countries live in the United Kingdom. Nearly 5 million foreign people live in Great Britain. This people make 7.9 % of the Population. Between 1991 and 2001 the ethnic population grew from 3 millions to 4.6 millions. More than the half of the people is Asians. A quarter is Black. The biggest ethnic groups in the UK are:
The Indians with 1.8 %, the Pakistanis with 1.3 %, the black Caribbean?s with 1 %.

The United Kingdom has one of the highest immigration rates in Europe. The percentage of the ethnic population is in some Cities very high. But it is less than half. For example: London: 40.1 %, Leicester: 39.5 %, Birmingham: 34.4%
The Immigrants speak not only English. They speak also their own language. In Great Britain is the largest number of people who speak Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and Punjabi outside Asia.

Ethnic Groups:

People with Caribbean or African ancestry: The black Caribbean and the black Africans are more than 1.1 million people. The most of them came in the 50ies. They came because they hoped to get a job and to escape the bad quality of life. Many of them came from Jamaica, Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago. They are 2.1% of the population.

People with Indian ancestry: In the year 2001 more than 1 million people with Indian ancestry lived in the UK. They are the largest group of an ethnic minority from a country. They are 1.8% of the population of the UK. This group can divided in other groups. The biggest are the Hindus with 45%. After them are the Sikhs with 29% and on the third place are the Indian Muslims with 13%. The most of the Indians leaved their home country because of economic reasons like poverty and the searching of a job. But the political persecution was also one reason.

People with Pakistani ancestry: The Pakistanis are the second largest group of south Asian minority. In 2001 more than 700.000 Pakistanis lived in the UK. They came with ships to work a time in the UK and earn money for their families. They
Wanted leave the UK again. But the most of them stayed there.

People with Bangladeshis Ancestry: 300.00 Bengalis live in Great Britain. The reason for their immigration to the UK was the Civil War. But the economic reasons were also the motive for the leaving of their home country.

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