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Morton Rhue "The Wave"Chapter 1On a beautiful day, Laurie Saunders, a pretty girl with short light-brown hair and a permanent smile, sits alone in the publications office at Gordon High School and works at the next outlay of "The Grapevine", the school newspaper, because she is the new editor-in-chief. She leaves the office and goes into the empty hall. Laurie walks through the corridors and stops outside a classroom and looks through a window, where she sees her best friend Amy Smith. Amy is a petite girl with thick, curly hair, who sits in Mr. Gabondi's French class. While trying to stand the last few minutes she sees her best friend Laurie outside making funny an idiotic faces. Amy has to cover her mouth with her hand to suppress laughing, but after a while tears run down her cheeks. Then a very angry Mr.Gabondi stands at the door and fortunately the bell rings and everybody leaves the class, also Amy together with Laurie. The two girls go to their next history class taught by Ben Ross, who is trying to make a film projector work. He is married with Christy a music and choir teacher at the same school. He is famous for his mechanic inabilities, but also for his energy, dedication and creativity in his lessons. Some of his colleagues think skeptical about him and his way of teaching. They are the meaning, that he is just young, naive and overzealous. Then the first students arrive in the classroom. Mr. Ross asks David Collins, a tall, good-looking runing back of the football team to get that film projector set up. Meanwhile Ben Ross watches Robert Billing, who comes into the class. He is a heavy boy with untidy hair and shirttails perpetual hanging out. He also is something like the class loser. Then Ben Ross starts to hand out the homework sheets of the student. Ross says that their homework is getting more and more sloppy. After that he goes in front of the class and pulls down the movie screen.Chapter 2Actually the class handels with the World War Two at the moment. Ben starts the film about the cruel atrocities the Nazis committed in their conzentration camps. Ross tells the students some facts about the person Adolf Hitler, who has seized control of the German government in 1934 as a brutal leader. In the fil the students can see the gas chambers now, the piles of bodies and human skeletons. Another point are the death camps with the gas chambers, which are called the "Final solution of the Jewish problem" from Hitler. Then the film shows the building with the huge ovens. Ben suppresses himself telling the students, that the smoke that came out of the chimneys once were human beings. Then the film ends. Most of the students look very stunned because they haven't expect such cruelty. Robert Billings admittedly sleeps. Ben wants his students to think about what they saw in the film. Amy raises her hand to ask Mr. Ross if all Germans have been Nazis and why didn't anyone tried to stop them. Ben Ross tells her that less than ten percent belonged to the Nazi Party. The next question he can only guess. He says that they might have been scared or something like that. Everybody can't imagine and believe that such a minority could intimidate the rest. At the end of the lesson Laurie discusses with Mr.Ross because this theme is just totally sick for her. As Robert Billings tries to sneak out of the room, Ben Ross pleases him to stay for a mi.....
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