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Inhaltsangabe - Referat


Dieses Referat wurde vom Mitglied RockAmDeich veröffenlicht. ist für die Inhalte der Veröffentlichungen der Mitglieder nicht verantwortlich.

Paul Zindel:? The Pigman?

1. What did you expect when you started to read the novel? Did the novel fulfil your expectations?
 When I started to read the novel I expected that it would be a little bit like the novel: ?Animal Farm? (by George Orwell), a novel I had read one year before in school. The main characters were two pigs. When I read the name ?Pigman? I thought of these characters. My expectations were not fulfilled because ?The Pigman? was not a novel about a farm with animals like the story ?Animal Farm?.

2. Which character do you find most sympatic and or interesting?
The most sympathetic and interesting character was Mr.Pignati. He was an old man, but he wanted to be a teenager. He did things that no adult would do. He was a very funny old man and a little bit crazy, but I thought that he was alone and needed some people to talk with him. Mr.Pignati was very generous because he liked to make some other people smile. He lived only through his dreams and his daily visits to his closest friend, the baboon at the zoo. He was a kind old widower affectionately nicknamed the Pigman. Here are some adjectives which in my opinion characterize Angelo the best: grieving, joyful, sad, lonely, bored, dependent, hurt, interested, agonised and blissful.

3. Which character do you find quite strange / weird?
 Mrs. Jensen, Lorraine Jensen's misandric mother. She was divorced and her husband died afterwards. She constantly pulled Lorraine down with affronts like she was too fat, her hair was bad, her clothes were bad and everything else was bad. I thought that she was a little bit strange, because she didnīt trust Lorraine, she had to say where she was going and with which person.

4. Which character is the meanest worst/ most horrible one?
 Norton Kelley - A bad kid and trouble maker, nicknamed the marshmallow kid, because he was caught stealing a bag of marshmallows and was written about in the newspaper. He was that kind of teenager, who thought ?oh I?m so bored, let me break someone/something down, that is fun!? At the party in the Pigman?s House he stole some things to sell at a profit.

5. Which event do you find most strange unusual out of the ordinary?
The Party at Mr.Pignati?s House. It was very strange, because The Pigman was always good to John and Lorraine although they had a party in his house. He trusted them and they betrayed his trust. It didn?t fit to the novel.

6. Which event impressed you most?
The visit at Bobo?s House, when he was dead and the reaction of Mr.Pignati. The blood vessels on the side of Mr. Pignati?s neck pulse as he raised his right hand to his face. Then John took his arm lightly, trying to turn him away from the empty cage. The Pigman opened his mouth, and then his hands started to shake. He went to grab hold of the railing, but let out a tiny cry almost like a puppy that had been stepped on by mistake. It was like a high-pitched scream, but it came from deep inside of him and then he dropped to the floor.

7. What surprised and or shocked and or confused you most?
 The death of Mr.Pignati. Why did it have to end this way? It was A horrible ending! Mr. Pignati had hurt me and he was so friendly! Why did he have to lose everything? It was very sad. The old friendly, funny man had to die. But why? I was very surprised when I read this ending. In my point of view it would have been better if John and Lorraine had gone away and Bobo and Mr.Pignati had not died. Then the old man would live and he would have Bobo and his Pigs. That was so dolorous that he had to die in this novel. After reading the ending I was very contemplative, I had to think of these people, who lived alone in their houses and were really sad, because nobody wanted to talk to them or know that they were still alive. As a result they died alone and they had to hope that somebody would find them after a few days.

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