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Good afternoon,
Now i do my presentation and itīs about the San Diego Zoo.
San Diego is one of the world- famous zoos.
First i want to tell you where the Zoo is,then about the opening times and the prices,after that about the animals and finally about shows,restaurants and shops.

San Diego is in the South of America,in California. The zoo is in the south of San Diego.
The opening times are different. Daily itīs opened from 9 a.m to 4 p.m also in holidays.
But in Spring itīs opened from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.
The prices are expensive ,adults must pay 32$ and the children must pay 20$ ,seniors an military students save 10%. Five years ago it was more expensive adults had to pay 66$.But every dollar which the people spend is for the research work(Forschungsarbeit).

In the zoo there live more than 4000 wild and rare animals for example there are Koalas and Pandas and so on.(Broschüre zeigen)The Zoo is very big it has more then 52000 square meters.
Finally in the Zoo there are some shows like the Sea Lion show or the Dr. Zoolittle Show for the children, itīs a funny physician show.
And the last thing i want to tell you is about the restaurants and shops. In the zoo are different cafés,grill restaurants and a safari kitchen.
If you are hungry you can go to restaurants like Albertīs it has top-quality food and attentive service(aufmerksam)
And if you want to take at home there are different shops,too. There are gifts from all around the world. In these shops are clothing, books, music and souvenirs.
There are many shops like the Kidīs Store,they have toys,games and puzzles for kids, and a Panda Shop,in this shop they have only things about pandas for example Panda hats,shirts,stuffed animals,toys,posters and an umbrella with pop-up ears=)last there are a Sydneyī shop,this shop have only things about Koalas for example Koala toys, fashions, music, books and shirts.
And if you w.....
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