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The program of my dreams

Printsoft 1.0 BETA

Printsoft 1.0 BETA is a piece of software of the manufacturer Print GmbH from Germany.
With this software you are not only able to edit your own pictures and save them into variety of formats, no ? this picture editing software is a special one.
The installation setup of this program is easy and user friendly. You won?t have any problems when you want to install this software on OS Windows or Linux. You are guided step by step through the installation process. In addition to this, the installation process gives you the freedom to choose between two modes- a beginner and an expert mode.
When you choose the expert mode you have advanced features which you cannot use when you have choosen the beginner mode of Printsoft 1.0 BETA.
The ?beginner-mode? is for individuals who don?t really want to create or change pictures in many steps- just view and zoom in/out for example without any editing function.
One of Printsoft 1.0 BETA?s features called ?standard-move? which is available in both of the modes, is the ?E-mail fitting skill?. With this brilliant option it is very easy to send an picture in an e-mail. You can choose your provider and save your password into this program and Printsoft 1.0 BETA will make a connection to your mailbox so you just have to choose the picture and the receiver of your e-mail and you can send your picture in just a few easy steps. But the function in this move is limited. You are not able to write text into this e-mail so this function can only be used to transfer pictures through an e-mail gateway.
One other great feature is that you can edit pictures in the expert mode very professionally. You can combine two different pictures for example one background and one picture with (e.g.) a person in the front and the program will automatically change the brightness so that you think that you have only one picture. This feature of Printsoft 1.0 BETA is unique especially when you talk about this automatic function no other free software can compete with.
Obviously the developer of this software do not like colors, because on one hand the user interface is not very colorful but on the other hand with a good overview. If you do not like a colored interface you will like this kind of graphic design.
In my opinion this program is a nice free program and is more than an option compared with MS Paint for example. You.....
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