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New York City
 I want to tell you something about New York now.
New York City is the biggest town of the state New York.
?New York City? is also called ?Big Apple?
It is a fantastic City, some call it the most exiting city in the world. It is also the home of the United Nations.
But before I tell you something about the population and the most interesting cultural attractions in New York City, David introduces to you the history of New York. Marian tells you something about the location and the economy.
Today New York has more than 7 Million inhabitants.
400 years ago ? as we heard ? the area of today?s New York was covered with woods and little villages.
The Indians, who lived there, sold the land to the Dutch.In the following centuries people from all over Europe came to New York an settled there. They wanted to find a better live.
So the city of New York developed more and more.It became a city with many ethnic groups .Today New York City has people from all nations of the world:  
They have their own quarters in City.
  The Afro-Americans live in Harlem,
  the Chinese in Chinatown,
  People from Italy live in Little Italy,
  Most of the Germans and Hungarians settled in the East-Side of New York
  Jewish people in the Lower East Side  ?.
When people from all over the world came to New York, they of course brought
  their own culture,
  that includes their music,
  their theatre
  but also their way of living
  and their way of dressing.
So today New York has a great variety of different cultures.
The black people for example created jazz music, they used to play in big halls as well as in small clubs, that were mostly located in Harlem in the north of Manhattan. In our days young black citizens created soul music, rap or hip hop
Also very important - for example ? is the Jewish Culture in New York. They also have their own theatres and halls with Klezmer-Music.
Today New York is the cultural centre of the USA.
This city has got almost 200 theatres and 2 big opera-houses.
The most popular is the Metropoltian Opera.
The Carnegie Hall is the home of the famous New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
There are also excellent Ballets and Dance Groups.
But the centre of entertainment in New York is the Broadway near Times Square with almost 35 theatres and studios.
The worlds most famous musicals first came out there ? for example ?West Side Story?, ?Cabaret?, ?The beauty and the Beast? or ?Phantom of the Opera?. Now I want to play a small part from a Musical on Broadway. The musical is called ?Rent?.
New York City has about 50 Universities and Colleges, the most popular is the Columbia University.
New York also is the centre of art. Some of the most famous museums are The Guggenheim Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, which the New Yorkers call MOMA or the Metropolitan Museum of Art
There are also thousands of galleries all over the town.
May be one of the most exiting art in New York is the art .....
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