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Inhaltsangabe - Referat


Dieses Referat wurde vom Mitglied Appelchen veröffenlicht. ist für die Inhalte der Veröffentlichungen der Mitglieder nicht verantwortlich.

Crime against Children
Natascha Kampusch

The crime against children is getting more often. The kidnappers charging ransom, rape the kids or kill them. But sometimes the kidnappers keep their victim captive. The kidnappers flee, but most of them are found by the police. But some of them can escape and cant get punish for their criminal acts.

Natascha Kampusch was born on the 17 February 1988 in Wien and in 1998 at the age of ten years was kidnapped for eight and a half years. At this time she visited the 4 class of the primary school. Her parents get divorced when Natascha was young. She lived with her mother Brigitta and her two older sisters in Donaustadt a local area of Wien.

On the 2 March 1998 Natascha left the flat at seven o clock to go to school. On the way she saw a withe van. She want to change the roadside but she didn?t do this and was pulled into the withe van by Wolfgang Priklopil. He told her that she can go home if her parents pay a ransom. At 12 year old child saw how she was pulled into the van and told it the police. But she can?t describe the kidnapper.

More than 1000 withe vans were controlled, the van of Wolfgang Priklopil too. He told the police that he need the van for construction works and didn?t get suspected, when the police found rests of building material in the van. After years of searching the investigation ended and they thought that Natascha was dead.

Natascha was keep captive in a hidden room under the garage in Strasshof, a local area of Wien. The room was closed by a soundproof door. In the room was a bed, a desk, a bookshelf and a tv. In the corner was a toilette and a washbasin. The room was hidden so good that he coudn?t be found by the police. Natascha spent a half year in this room befor Priklopil let her upstairs to have a shower and to clean up the house. After years she took her to shopping and for walks. He also went skiing with her. Priklopil was lean-addicted, so he didn?t give Natascha much to eat, too. In the time when Natascha has been captive she reads books, was allowed to listen radio and watch tv. Because of that she get intelligent and knew all things what going on in the world.

On Wednesday the 23 August 2006 Natascha washed Priklopils car and vacuum the car. At 13 o? clock rang Priklopils mobile-phone and he went away because it was so loud. Natascha didn?t hesitate long and flied. She ran into a garden of a neighbour. Natascha knocked on a window and told the neighbour the situation. The neighbour called the police, who picked her up and confirmed her identity.

To the time of the flight Nataschas mother was on a holiday trip and heard by a call that her daughter is free. Nataschas father Ludwig was the first on the police station, to see her. The first time after the flight Natascha lived in a hospital in Wien. Later she lived in a cared flatshare. On the 30 August Natascha wrote a letter on the public, where she told that she need some time to giving an interview. Her first official interview was on the 6 September 2006.

When Priklopil kidnapped Natascha he was 36 years old. After his 4-minut telephone conversation Priklopil remembered that Natascha was flee and search her. When he can?t find her, he flees with his car. Later the car was found in a car park. At 21 o? clock he jumped in front of a train of the Wiener tram and get hurt fatal. At this time he was 44 years old. Nobody knows why he kidnapped Natascha. His neighbours said that he was a nice man and lived secluded.

Today Natascha makes her examination and after that she want to study on a university. She want to help carried off womans in Mexico and want to set up the ?Natascha Kampusch Foundation? to help victims of similar cases. Natascha was kept captive 3096 days and her kidnapping is the longest what a child of Austria has been experienced.

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