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Inhaltsangabe - Referat


Dieses Referat wurde vom Mitglied dieterlala veröffenlicht. ist für die Inhalte der Veröffentlichungen der Mitglieder nicht verantwortlich.

Stephen King?s IT
1. Give a summary of the story (~ 1-1 pages)
The story ?It? is about seven children who live in a small little town called Derry in Maine.
It begins when a new child named Ben Hanscom (also named porky fat boy because of his preponderance) in the summer of 1958. By chance he meets Bill Denbrough (a stuttering boy) and Eddie Kaspbrak (a wheezing asthmatic boy) when he tries to hide from his tormentors. Bit by bit the group of the friends gets bigger and bigger till they are seven friends. Ben Hanscom, Bill Denbrough, Eddie Kaspbrak, Richard Tozier (the funny boy), Stanley Uris (the ?reserved Jewish disbeliever?), Michael Hanlon (the social outcast black kid) and the beautiful poor girl Beverly Marsh. They call themselves ?the Lucky Seven? - but they know that they?re more a kind of a ?Losers Club?.
At the same time there?s a series of child murders in the town and the little brother of Bill Denbrough dies while he?s playing outside. From this moment the members of the ?Lucky Seven? make their own meetings with the frightfully. One after the other does acquaintance with a clown called Pennywise. It?s the manifest of a thing they can?t name; the facet of their darkest nightmares. To put a name to this thing, they simply call it the ?IT?. It?s not only a clown, sometimes it appears as the dead father of Ben or as a werewolf. But by the luck of the ?Lucky Seven? they all get to escape of ?IT?. After seven kids died in this series of child murders they decided to do something against this thing on their own because it seems like the adults can?t see what the children can see.
They meet and go to the conduit system under a quiet-laid factory, because they reckon Pennywise there. After they find him, they create a human-circle and say together that ?IT? is only in their brain and they don?t fear it. ?IT? in form of Pennywise can?t do anything against them because he only can hurt them when they fear him. Beverly shoots to ?IT? ? when the opportunity was given - with the help of a slingshot a syllable raw rings to the head of ?IT?. ?IT? breaks down and disappears in a duct. That moment bonded them to one another for the rest of their lives.
30 years later the adult counterparts of the children meet each other again.                     Michael Hanlon, the only one stayed in Derry, hears of a new series of child murders in town and is alarmed. After he finds a picture of Bill?s little brother (who died 30 years before) at the scene of the murder, he contacts the other members of the ?Lucky Seven? because they have sworn, that they would come together again when ?IT? comes back. Now each of them must decide whether to fulfil their promise to return to Derry to combat ?IT? or not to hold the promise. But they all decide to fight ?IT?, although they have to give up their careers and they know that as adults they may can?t achieve the luck and magic that saved them when they were kids.
As soon as they arrive in Derry, ?IT? sends them nice greetings in form of the clown Pennywise. Now they all know that ?IT? has return to their hometown and together they want to fight against ?IT? again and go to the conduit system under the quiet-laid factory where they killed it the time before. Years before, Michael Hanlon had gone to this conduit system and got the syllable raw rings to be prepared for the reappearance of ?IT? and to save the luck of the past time.
Now, instead of meet Pennywise down there, they see a giant spider with a luminous belly, the ?deadlight?. Hypnotized by this ?deadlight? the friends stand before the spider and can?t defend themselves when ?IT? wants to kill them. However, Beverly gets to turn away of it and shoots the earring directly into the ?deadlight?.
After this the light goes out and the friends awake from their hypnosis, so they can fight ?IT?. They put out its bowels to make sure that it?s really dead this time and it wouldn?t return again.
2. Characterize the main person (~ - 1 page)
Because in the novel ?IT? has 8 main persons I want to characterize 7 of them shortly and one of them in the end.
At first there is Ben Hanscom, a little overweight boy who?s new in the town Derry. He?s romantic and timidly. On his first day at school he falls in love with Beverly Marsh.
Beverly Marsh is a beautiful girl out of a poor family. Her mother died when she was young and now she lives with her father. He?s a brutally and frustrated man and Beverly really fears him.
Bill Denbrough?s little brother was killed by ?IT? when he was playing outside the house. Bill thinks he?s responsible for the death of his brother because he has given him a little boat made out of paper to play with. Since th...

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