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Inhaltsangabe - Referat


Dieses Referat wurde vom Mitglied Kickimaus2004 veröffenlicht. ist für die Inhalte der Veröffentlichungen der Mitglieder nicht verantwortlich.

1. Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Obama is an Amercian politician who is a member of the democratic party. As a leading politician he is probably known since the year 2007. As a candidate for the office of the president, Obama won the first preliminary elections in Iowa. He is the only Afro-American politician in the American senate at the moment.
1981 he was two years at Occident College in Los Angeles. After that he made his Bachelor of Arts in political sciences, 1983. Later he studied jurisprudence at Harvard Law School for three years.
However, Obama was already active in politics on regional level in the past. His first considerable action was 1992, when he mobilized 150000 people to the voter registration in the Afro-American population.
1.1. Curriculum vitae
Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu on Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. Two years after his birth, his parents sought a divorce. After this, Obama moved with his mother to Jakarta in Indonesia. There, he went to an Indonesian state school. 1971, he went back to Hawaii an goes to an private school. There he finished the High-School with award.
After he was two years at Occidental College in L.A., he traveled to Columbia University in New York. 1983 he made his Bachelor of Arts in political sciences.
1985 he traveled to Chicago and decided to study jurisprudence at Harvard Law School. He took his final examination in Harvard in 1991. After that he went back to Chicago and worked as an advocate with the special subject civil rights.
Obama made the getting into the state politics in Illinois in 1992. He started a campaign for the mobilization of Afro-American electors. By this campaign he mobilized 150000 electors. Four years after that, he was elected into the senate from Illinois by the southern constituency. There he took on the chairmanship for public health service and welfare.
In this legislative period he supported the working-class families and homosexuals. Furthermore he succeeded with new remedies for the AIDS research.
In his second legislative period, 2002, he obligated the police to take off the examinations in a video and worked further at a health insurance system, which he succeeded.
In the year 2004 Obama began for a place in the U.S. senate. Because of many potitical personalities and the two biggest newspapers of Chicago he could gain acceptance in the preliminary elections without problems.
Obama began his first period of office in the American senate in 2005. He used much time for the training into his position. In the following two years Obama was one of the most active politicians. He succeeded with 152 decisions.
After a long time of the rumour of his presidency candidature, he decided to think about it. In February 10th in 2007, it was the time, he announced his presidency candidature in Springfield. At the beginning of May he was put under the protection of the Secret service. After the first quarter Obamas donation earnings amounted to 24.8 million U.S. dollars. At the preliminary elections he won in Iowa as well as in South Carolina till now.
1.2. Barack Obama?s political equipment
Barack Obama always was against the Iraq war and against the politic which George W. Bush operated in this regard. He wants a gradual withdrawal of the troops from the Iraq, which should end after 16 months. Obama would like to counter conflicts with Iran in international cooperation diplomatically and if necessary with economic sanctions. In his health policy he holds the idea of a health insurance programme which supports all this poeple, who doesn?t belong to any insurance till now. But whether one enters in these state oder private insurances shall be able to choose freely. Obama would like employers, who do not offer her employees any insurance, to have to pay in into the state registers. To protect the environment, he speaks for new standards for fuels and he wants to export climate friendly technologies into the third-world-countries. With that he promises himself a strong reduction of the carbon diocide emission. The senator wants to replace defence and communication systems and intensify safety regulations in the industry. The immigration problems, which the United States have in this time, should be handled by improving technolody at the national boundaries. As well, laws, which are already there, shall be used more effectively. In addition, Obama supports the legal integration of illegal immigrants....

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