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Beitrag von unearth___13

12.11.2007 22:46:05


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Hey! Hat zufällig irgendwer Act 1, Scene 3 in Shakespeares Macbeth analysiert? Also eigentlich reicht Macbeth's soliloquy, das mit "This supernatural soliciting..." beginnt und mit "But what is not" aufhört . Aber wer die ganze Scene hat oder irgendwas mit der Scene,der melde sich bitte, wäre super .

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Beitrag von SweetAsHoney

14.11.2007 10:35:35


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Like the other works of Shakespeare, Macbeth is full of imagery and every section of the play has a purpose and meaning.

The witches are firstly involved in cursing a sailor. Shakespeare intends this to symbolize what is in store for Macbeth?s life, which will be like the stormy sea. This particular sailor is in fact a captain of a ship, and just as he was blown by the storms of the sea, so will Macbeth be tossed by the storms of life. This prepares the audience for the fact that they will be witnessing unpredictable events, and much confusion.

Shakespeare has already created an atmosphere of foreboding and turmoil.

The appearance of the witches causes amazement to Macbeth and Banquo for they seem to be not of this world, but from the supernatural world. They are clearly women, but they are bearded, and they appear and vanish like phantoms.

The witches suggest that they are foretelling the future, and that Macbeth is fated to be Thane of Cawdor and then King.

At this stage, Banquo and Macbeth enjoy equal status, and Banquo is also keen to have the future predicted for him. What is in store for Banquo is less clear. No sooner have they made their predictions, then the witches disappear making Macbeth and Banquo wonder if they have been dreaming.

When the messengers arrive to advise Macbeth that he is Thane of Cawdor, Banquo responds by saying, ?What? Can the devil speak true??

What Macbeth has to consider now is the second prophesy, and whether he should do anything about making it happen. He clearly realizes that these witches come from the devil and, therefore, he is being tempted to do evil. Will he resist? This is what the audience will ask themselves.

Macbeth, at this stage, is confused as to what action he should take. Perhaps the witches are saying that because he has done so much for Scotland this day, he deserves to be King. If he can make himself believe that ?Nothing is, but what is not,? then perhaps he could get away with murder.


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Beitrag von MickeyMousy

14.11.2007 10:53:21


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geh mir weg.

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