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lost soldier

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Beitrag von SlimShady911

27.11.2006 20:00:23


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kurze erklärung: englisch aufgabe ^^ wir sollten uns in na gefährlichen situation vorstelln...un daraus dann ne geschichte schreim...also wer bissl bock auf englisch hat...viel spaß beim lesen ^^

A dangerous situation - my experience(s) / imagination

Lost Soldier

It has been early in the morning. The sun came shining through the trees surrounding me. I felt the warm air touching my face. And for a short moment I forgot where I had been. While I was waking up slowly I really thought I was in paradise. Everything was so quiet, except for the birds flying around the trees and chirping cheery melodies. But suddenly this harmony was interrupted by a loud shoot. At first I was shocked, I didn?t know what has bee going on and I also didn?t really know what to do. But then fear grabbed me and I felt I was in danger. I took a look around me and I thought I was blind. The sun was shining so bright that I couldn?t see anything but a bright, white light around me. Everything was shining and blinding me so hard that my eyes started to hurt. I tried to find my gun but I couldn?t. Did someone steal it last night while I was sleeping and dreaming of my family, my home and my little daughter who was sitting at home...waiting for me. The dream seemed to be so real that yearning overcame my and I almost started to cry. But I wasn?t dreaming in that moment. I stood in a wide forest searching for my goddamn gun still with the fear of getting shot in a moment. I was sure that I laid my gun next to me last night. Who could have stolen it from me? And where were the other guys of my squad? I tried to find answers to all these questions while I kept on searching for my gun. Then ? suddenly ? I heard another shot. It seemed as if it has been nearer than the other one. Did somebody find my in that deep forest? The only thing I felt in this moment was fear. My heard was in my mouth. I tried to run away but I couldn?t move my feet. Adrenalin was running through my veins and my heard was beating faster and faster, so that I thought the other soldier, searching for my with his gun, could find me just because of the loud sound of my fast beating heart. Why did they pick me out of one million other guys? Why did they send me here, far away from home, far away from my family and so far away from my little angel? These two questions I had on my mind all the time. I didn?t want to go here, but they said that I had to fight for my country and I had to defend it in every situation. No matter how dangerous it would be. ?And now I?m here, standing in a big forest, blinded by the sun and hunted by a bloody-minded soldier?, I thought. I didn?t know where to go but I knew that I had to leave the forest as fast as I could before it was too late. Then I heard the soldier creeping through the leaves lying on the forest soil. The rustling scared me so much that I started to run away. I didn?t really feel my legs as well as my feet yet, so they seemed to move by themselves. I couldn?t control my whole body and so I ran straight through the forest, ignoring everything around me, because it was only flashing by so that I wasn?t able to recognize anything. The only thing I felt was fear. I was scared to death because I knew what would happen to me if the other soldier caught me. So I tried to run faster and faster, my body felt as if I ran more than a mile but in fact it hasn?t been more than 500meters. I kept on running until I saw a huge tree. ?That could be a place where I can hide?, I thought, so I stopped at the tree. Panting for air it seemed to me as if I would still hear the soldier?s footsteps approaching me. Then, suddenly, someone rested his hand on my shoulder from behind. Terrified I turned around....

To be continued....

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lost soldier
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