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Referat - Global Warming: A Vast World Issue Hausarbeit

Dieses Referat wurde vom Mitglied DieSims12 veröffenlicht. ist für die Inhalte der Veröffentlichungen der Mitglieder nicht verantwortlich.

Inspecting the documentaries from CBC ?Everything is Cool? and ?The Big Melt? revealed both sides of scientists who believe in different causes of global warming. Whether it?s human-caused or just the tilt of the Earth?s axis. I personally judge that humans are the cause of increase in temperature. As the population grows, there are more cars on the road and more demand for food. Industries have to run 24 hours a day to fulfill the need of people. The Greenhouse Effect is caused by burned fossil fuels: such as natural gases, oil, and coal. Burning these elements extracts Carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. These cause more heat to be trapped in the atmosphere than needed which have a huge impact on coexistence of all living organism on our planet.  Carbon dioxide pollution from the increase of industry and transportation is a devastating cause of global warming. Increase in transportation, need for jobs and the growing congestion on our highways is immediately connected with the growth in the world population.
Furthermore, not only humans are victims of global warming. Coral Reefs are suffering and dying under the climate change as well. As we saw on the video on Coral Reefs, these need to be preserved for many reasons.  First of all, they house a collection of diverse organisms, and contribute fisheries, which provide food items such as fish, crustaceans, and mollusks.  In addition, coral skeletons are being used as bone substitutes in reconstructive bone surgery and may be able to provide important medicine, including anti-cancer drugs and a compound that blocks ultra-violet rays, they even help reduce global warming by taking carbon dioxide out of the air. These reefs provide a house for many species.  If the coral reefs were to become extinct, than future generations would not have the benefits that theses animals have to offer, such as possible medicines, pest control, and carbon dioxide control. 
Another reason of the Earth?s climate change is deforestation. Deforestation is the destruction of rainforests and woodlands. It is a major concern that all countries throughout the world need to deal with. Over 12 million hectares of forest woodlands are disposed of yearly. By that rate, nearly all of the world?s rainforests will be gone by 2050. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow. The carbon dioxide is released back into the air as they are cut and burned. The forest ability to reduce the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is decreasing due to massive deforestation around the world. Plants have been reduced in number by 4/5. Only 21%of the earths land surface is covered by rainforests. This may not seem like an important issue, but up to 90% of all organisms can live only in the rainforest. Those are 50 million creatures. Also, 25% of our medicine originates in the rainforest.
          Opposing Scientists believe that the tilt of the Earth's axis changes to title the opposite way every 10,000 years like a cycle. While going through this cycle, it will change the climate of and area. Right now it is moving so that North America is going to be closer to the sun in the winter. Seasons become more extreme when the opposite happens. This controls the cycle of ice ages. Oceans are known to absorb carbon dioxide because of the ocean currents and the action of plankton. There is some evidence that there is a naturally rapid climate change between each ice age, which confuses the whole global warming and idea. I believe this theory is not completely true and believe humans are responsible for the ice age arrival acceleration.
Every human being should take part in the fight to stop global warming. Every government is the key to act and influence their nation and industry to become more environmentally friendly by using the media (TV, Magaz...

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