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Referat - The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Hausarbeit

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Sue Townsend-
The Secret
Diary of Adrian Mole


The Themes
Adrian Mole
Bert Baxter
Father, George Mole

- Mother,
Pauline Mole


- Divorce


- Identity

- Rebellism


- My



The book
deals with the problems of a 13¾ year old boy.

Adrian starts his
diary on
January 1st, when he is 13 ¾ years old. He makes some resolutions for the New
Year and he is worried about a spot on his chin. Adrian?s parents quarrel
between themselves about the flowers his mother has received from their
neighbour. After a while he decides to become an intellectual, so he writes to
the BBC to ask what to do about this. He also writes his first poem and joins
the library.

At school
Adrian meets Pandora. He joins a group called ?The Good Samaritans?. They do
social work for old people. Adrian looks after Bert Baxter. Adrian?s first
visits to Bert Baxter are disappointments, because he is a dirty old man and
his house is in a disgusting state. Moreover, he complains about Adrian to the
headmaster and Adrian is unjustly reprimanded. When, on top of this, he
discovers that his best friend Nigel is going out with Pandora.

In March
his father tell him that he and his mother are splitting up. At the end of the
month his mother leaves for Sheffield with the neighbour after his father and
the neighbour have had a fight. On June 1st Adrian?s father is made redundant
and starts smoking and drinking heavily. His father is very depressed and
loses his job. At school Adrian gets into trouble for wearing red socks, which
he has put on because he feels rebellious. Pandora and he organize a
Red-Sock-Revolution where everyone wears red socks, but the headmaster sends
them all home. This event brings Adrian and Pandora together and Nigel

In October
Bert Baxter is taken to an old age pensioner?s home because of leg trouble. He
hates it there and only one month later, after Adrian has been in hospital to
have his tonsils out, he hears Bert has befriended a woman called Queenie. In
the meantime Adrian?s father is still without a job and he does nothing all
day. Adrian?s relationship with Pandora isn?t very harmonious anymore. When
Pandora finds out that another girl is in love with Adrian she fights her.
Adrian has a three-day friendship with a girl called Barbara.. On April 2nd,
Adrian?s birthday, Pandora ignores him. But the next day they make it up. This
day happens to be the day that the Falklands War begins.


The book
goes on with repeating all the problems like spots, school; the division and
so on. But in the end of his diary entries his mother comes back to her
family, his father finds a new job, he is in love with Pandora and even his
new friend Bert Baxter marries. Now life is worth living for Adrian.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Themes:

One of the big
themes of the book is Pandora, because
falls in love with her and she dates Nigel at first, his best friend who
actually knows that Adrian loves her. She is new at
school and she sits next to him in their Geography lessons. But when she
notices that Adrian also has his rebellious side as cause of his red
sock-wearing, she is interested in him. So they both are in love. If I should
describe Pandora, I wouldn?t say that she is like you would expect a 14
year-old girl to be, because she often wants to oppose, to resist and she is
rebellious. Maybe it shows that she only wants to be different from the other
pupils in school, she is also a very good pupil, she has very good marks and
that she wants to escape from the ordinary things. She is not really afraid of
Also a big theme is the separation of Adrian?s parents. Her mother leaves her
family behind for Mr. Lucas who is the neighbour. She is flirting with him in
front of her son and husband. It starts with visiting Pauline, Adrian?s
mother, when she was ill but then he visits her nearly very day. Mrs. Lucas,
the wife of Mr. Lucas, seems to know that anything is going on with Pauline
and her husband and every time he visits Pauline, she does anything in the
garden, maybe to see something happening between Pauline and Mr. Lucas. For
having the reason to leave Mr. Lucas behind. Pauline and George have many
fights because of Mr. Lucas ans one day Pauline leave them behind and moves to
Sheffield with Mr. Lucas. After Mr. Lucas and George having a fight.

The dog is also very important, he is not treated very well by the Moles. They
shut him in the coal shed and because of that he gets ill and has to go to the
vet and get operated. But the only person who is worried about the dog is
Pauline. When the dog disappears she calls the police to find the dog. She
cares much more for the dog than for the family, because she neglects Adrian
and the household. She and her husband haven?t a good sex life. She only
thinks of herself doing well with Mr. Lucas.


I want to focus on the topic of bullying and therefore an other character is
very important to mention, namely Barry Kent.
? he likes to treat others badly by hitting and hurting them
? even some teachers are afraid of him and do nothing against his treatment
? he gets banned from the youth club because of his bad behaviour
? he gets always in big troubles , especially in school

I want now to focus on the relationship between Adrian and Barry, which is not
a real relationship, because Barry treats Adrian very badly. One day he says
to him that he will always hit him unless he will give him 25 pence every day.
The problem for
is that he has no money at all, because his dad pays his spare money by cheque.
Adrian has no way out, either he pays this protection money or he gets hurt by
Once he couldn?t pay his protection money and so Barry menaces him badly.
Adrian has to tell it his father because some things of him get damaged. His
father wants to take back the menaces money and to talk with the father of
Barry, who just laughs at him.
Only his grand mother could help him out, only she could force Barry to give
back the protection money and to never hurt Adrian again. She has a very
strong personality. So the father of Barry has no effect on him and he doesn?t
do anything against the bad behaviour of his son, what is very surprising.
Maybe Barry has this attitude of hurting other human beings from his father.





character(writer of the diary)


13¾ years


adolescent boy living on estate in Leicester, England


grows up in
unusual circumstances


the problems of teenage life


problems of existence


know where he belongs to


is looking
for his own personality


identify himself with being an intellectual, but nobody in his environment


admires his
poems and knows that he is one - a good statement to prove this is ?None of
the teachers at school have noticed that I am an intellectual. They will be
sorry, when I am famous.?




at first
dates Nigel ( Adrian?s best friend)


new girl at
Adrian?s school, sits next to him in Geography


falls in
love with Adrian


she wants
to oppose, to resist and she is very rebellious


maybe her
rebellious way shows that she wants to be different


she wants
to escape from the ordinary things


a good
example is the Red-Sock-Protest they were all sent home by the director, but
she doesn?t regret it




dirty old
man, 89 years old


his house
is in a disgusting state


takes care of him ( The Good Samaritans)


you can
observe the development of their relationship


is a very
important friend in Adrian?s life


maybe he is
some kind of substitute for his father, who neglects him because of his own


marries an
old woman called Queenie, he meets at the old pensioner?s home


Barry Kent:


likes to
treat others badly and to hurt them


teachers are afraid of him


is even
banned from the youth club


gets always
in big troubles (especially in school)

Barry Kent
always treats Adrian very badly. Once Barry tells him that he will hurt him
very badly unless Adrian gives him 25 pence every day. But Adrian never has
any spare money and his father pays his pocket money by cheque but Adrian has
no ot...

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