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Referat - The Hound of the Baskervilles Hausarbeit

Dieses Referat wurde vom Mitglied Lxi veröffenlicht. ist für die Inhalte der Veröffentlichungen der Mitglieder nicht verantwortlich.

The Hound of the Baskervilles

About the book

The book is cut into 15 chapters and includes 91 pages. It is written in the simple past. On some pages there are illustrations to explain the action for the readers. It was first published in 1902.

About the author

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived since 1859 by 1930. He studied medicine and worked as a doctor until 1891. In 1902 he was knighted after working with a field hospital during the South African War (1899-1902). He is best known for his creation of Sherlock Holmes.

What I think about the story

It was written very well: When Doyle describes things, for example the dog, it seems to be in front or beside you. The story is written very exciting and even readable for them who speak English worse, also you have to look some expressions up in a dictionary. I can recommend this book to you all!


Sherlock Holmes: Doyle modelled him partly on a teacher who was known for his power of detection
in the field of medicine. The eccentric Holmes is often in the company of Dr Watson, who is less intelligent, to show H. qualities.

Dr Watson: The story seems to be written by Dr
Watson, Holmes´ best friend.

It seems, that this two persons are completing each other.

Dr Mortimer: A friend of Sir Charles Baskerville, the man who died.

Charles Baskerville: Rich man, who lived in the Baskerville Hall, Dartmoor.

Sir Henry B.: The nephew of Sir Charles and the heir. Fallen in love to Ms Stapleton.

Ms Stapleton: Beautiful lady, living at her brother´s house.

Mr Stapleton: Naturalist, living in Dartmoor. Earlier he was a teacher.

The action

The story takes place in the year 1889. Holmes and Watson are living in London, Baker Street. A country doctor, called Dr Mortimer, knows about the qualities of Sherlock Holmes and asks him for help in a difficult case. He brings H. an old manuscript, written in the early 18th century. It tells the legend of ?The Hound of the Baskervilles?:
In 1650 the ?Evil Hugo? Baskerville wanted to marry a girl but she ran away in fear of him. Hugo said: ?If I only could catch her, I would sell my soul and body to the devil?. That was the first time the hound was seen. The people say that the girl and Hugo died by seeing that frightening monster.
Dr Mortimer tells Holmes that his friend Sir Charles Baskerville died as he walked nightly through the Alley in front of his house: Baskerville Hall. Mortimer believes that C. died by seeing the hound because his face shows that he was scared of something very frightening. The reason of his dead seems to be his weak heart. Mortimer is sure that Sir Charles never would have gone out in the night without an important reason, because he believed the story of the hound. Mortimer also found out that C. was waiting for someone, but he don´t know for whom.
The reason why Mortimer came to London is that he wants to pick up Sir Henry, the heir of C., at the train station. Sir Henry, Mortimer and Watson go to Dartmoor, a moor area, including a mire and some huge rocks, for finding out more about this case. Holmes wants to stay in London.
In Dartmoor Sir Henry and Watson meet the Stapeltons:
Mr Stapelton, a naturalist and his sister
Ms Stapelton and Henry falls in ...

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