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Brave New World
Chapter 1
The opening scene of the first chapter is at the "Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre", a sterile factory that produces human beings and prepares them for their future roles in the World State. "Community, Identity, Stability" is the World State's motto.The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning is in the Fertilising Room giving a tour to new Alpha students who are taking notes on the modern fertilising test tube process, from fertilisation to their 'decanting', or birth. In great detail the system that the government uses to produce and control people with technology and science is described.In the Social Predestination Room each embryo is ordained for a particular caste in the World State, they being Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. After thirty-six hours the lower caste Gamma, Deltas and Epsilons undergo the Bokanovsky Process whereby one original cell buds up to ninety-six times (seventy-two being the average) to form embryos thereby lowering further their intelligence for "social stability". Next Podsnap's Technique is explained to the touring students. A specimen's gender is predetermined in this strict government population control and their destiny is in the hands of the World Controllers.Conditioning happens next--for example some embryos are exposed to cold to condition them for heat. Worker embryos can be matured in as few as six years. An employee of the Hatchery and Conditioning Centre, Mr. Henry Foster boasts that the production record is at just over 16,000 siblings.Henry and Lenina confirm their meeting on the roof at ten to five to go golfing. The touring group must go up to the Nurseries before the children are finished their afternoon nap. The year is A.F. 632, for "after Ford".
Chapter 2
The second chapter begins with the Director and students entering the Infant Nurseries and Neo-Pavlovian Conditioning Rooms. It continues to explain the conditioning process for babies, for example Epsilons are made to detest books and any other non-work related frivolous pursuit with electrical shocks. Key words and phrases are used to entrench a love for their own caste members while instilling revulsion for other castes. The babies are dressed in like outfits of drab colours such as all Alphas in grey, all Delta babies in khaki. Beta children are taught that they don't play with or associate with Deltas and Epsilons because they're less intelligent. The Director proudly explains hypnopaedia, words without reason which was "first used officially in A.F.214" and is "the greatest moralizing and socializing force of all time." The group witnesses boys and girls in an Elementary Class Consciousness session. They are repeatedly exposed to subliminal State suggestions through sleep hypnosis, such as "I'm awfully glad I'm a Beta because.." The process was discovered when Reuben Rabinovitch's parents woke up one morning discovering him repeating word for word a lecture that had been broadcast on the radio as they slept. Polish, it's mentioned to the students, as well as French and German, are dead languages. The first reference is made of Ford as God, to be worshipped. Smut is mentioned and what is considered smut in the World Society.
Chapter 3
The setting changes now to outside the Hatchery to the garden in the June sunshine. Children are playing games, like Centrifugal Bumble-puppy, and less innocent ones, `erotic play', in the bushes and Mediterranean heather. The observing students find it most amusing that one boy doesn't wish to engage in it and a nurse takes him off to see the Assistant Superintendent of Psychology. One of the ten Controllers, the Resident Controller of Western Europe, "his Fordship", Mustapha Mond makes an appearance to the delight of the Director. He talks with the students about history being `bunk' and the banning of the Bible and the British Museum Massacre. Suffering and sadness are not to be tolerated from such things in the brave new world as well as the concept of "family". He condemns liberty. Henry Ford's Model T automobile represents the start of this new era after the Nine Years War. He lectures about the importance of individual, emotional and social stability and how Christianity caused instability. "All crosses had their tops cut and became T's". The "euphoric, narcotic, pleasantly hallucinant" drug Soma is used to create emotional stability. Bernard Marx is introduced as he slowly becomes outraged overhearing Henry Foster telling the Assistant Predestinator about Lenina. Interspersed with the Controllers lecture and Bernard overhearing Henry, Fanny is speaking with Lenina, starting with the issue of taking a Pregnancy Substitute, because she is "feeling rather out of sorts lately", which she ideally would have taken two years before. "Feelies" are a way to satisfy one's sexual urges without getting pregnant. Lenina, wearing her Malthusian belt, speaks of "having" Henry Foster for only four months, only to have Fanny warn her of the Director disapproving of "anything intense or long-drawn".
Chapter 4
The workday is finished and with all eyes on her, Lenina steps into a room full of Alpha males. She wishes George Edzel's ears weren't so big, and remembers Benito Hoover being too hairy. Bernard Marx is moping in a corner and with the intent to prove to others she's unfaithful to Henry, walks over to Bernard and loudly announces that she wants to make plans with him to go to New Mexico. They leave the room and go up to the roof in the elevator together. Bernard is tremulously dazzled by Lenina and the deep blue sky. The ever-cheery, sex hormone gum chewing Benito Hoover is introduced, offering Bernard a gram of soma, whereupon Bernard scurries away. Lenina is a few minutes late as she climbs into Henry's helicopter airplane on their way to a game of Obstacle Golf. Central London and surroundings is described from overhead as they travel in the current mode of transport. Bernard orders some Delta-minus attendants to get his helicopter ready as he rues his physical defects and insecurities. Bernard is on his way to meet anther Alpha plus friend, Helmholtz Watson at the Bureaux of Propaganda and College of Emotional Engineering buildings. He too is an outcast due to his physical strength and mental excess. They fly to Bernard's house discussing a mutual sense that something is missing in their lives. Sitting on pneumatic sofas, Helmholtz again describes a "queer feeling" he gets sometimes, as if he's onto something important but he doesn't know what it is. Although nobody ends up being there, Bernard interrupts him by suspiciously thinking there is someone at his door. Helmholtz feels a little ashamed and sorry for him.
Chapter 5
At eight o' clock, after their game of Obstacle Golf at the Stoke Poges Club, Lenina and Henry fly in the helicopter again over the landscape of forests, factories and the landmark Slough Crematorium which produces fertiliser. Lenina thinks it queer that Alphas and Betas don't produce any more phosphorous than "those nasty little Gammas and Deltas.." She suddenly remembers the haunting whisperings she heard in her sleep and they both agree people are happier now. They land on Henry's forty-two story apartment house in Westminster. After dinner they take their soma and proceed to the Westminster Abbey Cabaret and dance to the Synthetic Music of Calvin Stopes and His Sixteen Sexophonists. A second dose of soma "raised a quite impenetrable wall between the actual universe and their minds."Bernard is late for his alternate Thursday's Solidarity Service Day. He's irritated by his error in sitting next to Morgana Rothschild and the too-pneumatic Clara Deterding where he wishes he was next to either Fifi or Joanna, who were absolutely `just right?. The President, making the sign of the T, recites the First Solidarity Hymn. They take strawberry ice cream soma and pass around and drink from the loving cup, repeating "I drink to my annihilation" twelve times. A voice chants Ford Ford Ford and the men and women become ecstatic as they sing hymns. They continue to pass the soma and sense the Coming, the Twelve-in-One, the Greater Being and their atonement and consummation of solidarity. Bernard?s' melting isn't going far enough; he tries to keep up with the group and their exultant cries of "orgy-porgy". Finally the Voice croons as the circle breaks and they fall to surrounding couches, exhausted, though disaffected Bernard is merely preoccupied with Morgana's monobrow.
Chapter 6
Lenina is thinking about how odd Bernard Marx is, though she truly wants to go to the Reservation in New Mexico with him. They meet up and Bernard asks her to go on a walk with him in the Lake District but they end up flying to Amsterdam instead to watch wrestling. Bernard refuses to take soma wishing to just be himself, "Myself and nasty. Not somebody else, however jolly". He tells her he wishes he weren't so useful, wants to talk about freedom at great length while hovering over the waves of the Channel, making her uncomfortable. Bernard visits the Director to get his signature on a permit for him to travel to New Mexico. The Director proceeds to tell him about his own trip to New Mexico many years before, he "wanted to have a look at the savages." He gives Bernard the threat of Iceland if he doesn't start to conform more socially, which has the opposite effect of challenging and elating Bernard. The journey to the Savage Reservation in New Mexico starts on the Blue Pacific Rocket. They spend the first night in a comfortable hotel, where the Warden warns Lenina of the sights she will see: marriage; the revolting practice of children being born; superstitions and Christianity; "pumas, porcupines and other ferocious animals." though in her soma haze it doesn't sink in. Bernard rushes to call Helmholtz to ask him to turn off his eau-de-Cologne tap in his bathroom that he left running. Lenina persuades him to take four tablets of soma. Their plane lands for lunch in the valley of Malpais. The pilot's parting words to Lenina are reassuring her to not worry about the savages; "They've got enough experience with gas bombs to know that they mustn't play any tricks."
Chapter 7
Lenina thinks the pueblo of Malpais and their Indian guide queer. The conditions that people live in disgust her. An old man astonishes her because she is used to seeing people who have been preserved through inoculations from disease, transfusions of youthful blood. Bernard comments on how touching it is to see a woman breast feeding. Lenina is initially reminded of a lower-caste Community Sing or orgy porgy when they happen upon naked savages drumming and dancing but the snakes, crucifixes and flagellation make her cry and pine for her soma which she has left behind in the hotel. They meet a young Indian with straw-coloured hair and pale blue eyes who asks them if they've come from the Other Place. He tells them how he wishes he could be the one to be whipped as sacrifice, to please Pookong and Jesus, but they won't because he's disliked for his light complexion, an outcast. John and his mother Linda are strangers in the Reservation, she coming with a man, Tomakin, from the Other Place before he was born. She had fallen and hurt her head and was rescued by some Malpais hunters. (Bernard is making mental notes of all this, reminding himself that the Director's name is Thomas) They go to meet Linda at home who is overjoyed to see someone again from the Other Place, "civilised faces." She remembers parts of World State life and bemoans Reservation life that it is ".. like living with lunatics."
Chapter 8
Bernard and John are outside of the house now, Bernard still amazed at their living conditions compared to his, like two different planets. John describes his childhood and upbringing. He tells of the difficulties for his mother to adjust to living with the savages, her addiction to pescal and her sleeping with other's husbands. She was most happy relating stories about the Other Place to him and teaching him to read. John also tells Bernard of the pueblo stories he was told as a child. He remembers how he had found a book belonging to Popé, his mother's lover, a book of Shakespeare, and how he felt threatened by him almost killed him with a knife. Mitsima, Indian elder is like a father to John though he was repeatedly rejected by the others. Bernard, readily identifying with this fellow outcast asks him if he would like to go back to London with them.
Chapter 9
They are back at the hotel now where Lenina swallows enough tablets of soma that she will lose time for at least eighteen hours. The next morning Bernard gets through to the World Controller's office and Mustapha Mond to arrange special permits for Linda and John. John the Savage, afraid that Bernard and Linda had left him, ends up breaking into their room and finding Lenina's luggage he meticulously examines all her clothing with great interest and awe. Curiosity and delight overwhelms him as he smells and applies her powder and winds her scarf around his neck. Finding Lenina's bedroom door ajar he enters to rapturously recite lines from Romeo and Juliet at her bedside over her soma induced deep sleeping self as he revels in her beauty. With a great start of surprise and relief he hears the sound of the helicopter returning Bernard back to the hotel.
Chapter 10
This chapter starts with a description of the four thousand clocks in the Bloomsbury Centre and overall ?hive of activity?. In the Fertilising Room, the Director is telling Henry Foster about how he will set a public example of Bernard upon his return. In front of such a large concentration of high-caste workers, he will announce that Bernard is to be sent to Iceland because "Unorthodoxy threatens more than the life of a mere individual; it strikes at Society itself." Bernard enters the room as a crowd is gathered. The Director announces, among other things, that he has "betrayed the trust imposed in him. By his heretical views on sport and soma,.." Bernard says indeed there is a reason why he shouldn't be so dismissed and in comes overweight Linda, recognising Tomakin at once. The Director is astonished and red-faced as the crowd laughs and jeers. Linda screams above the din "You made me have a baby!? and the crowd immediately hushes. John then enters and claims his father whereupon the Director rushes from the room in disgrace, hands over his ears.
Chapter 11
The Director has resigned his post and all upper-caste Londoners want to see more of this quaint creature who had called the Director `my father'. People aren't interested in Linda, being no savage herself and her request for an indefinite soma holiday is granted. John doesn't think this is right, his mother an example of senility for doctors to observe. Bernard?s' luck has turned, everyone wants time with him, including Fanny who accepts an invite to see the Savage. He boasts of having girls to Helmholtz, who seems sad about it all and ends up accusing him of being envious. Bernard feels "positively gigantic" while others prophesy he will come to a bad end. The Savage is shown around all aspects of civilised life, and haughtily reports his progress to Mustapha Mond who becomes insulted by his tone and plots a lesson in respect. Upon John's tour of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre he becomes violently ill. Bernard continues to write progress reports to Mond, admitting the Savage won't take soma, that he can't regard death as unimportant and that he continues to be upset by his mother's state of mind. While John is on a tour of Eton including an Alpha-Double-Plus classroom, it's revealed that it's their policy to have upper caste boys and girls in attendance only. Bernard takes a fancy to Miss Keate. John learns that "a savage reservation.. has not been worth the expense of cultivating." Lenina too was receiving her share of credit in bringing the Savage to London, of whom she now has a crush on. They go to a stereoscopic Feely movie, "Three Weeks in a Helicopter" together which astonishes and embarrasses John. After telling her that he doesn't think she should see such horrible films he returns to his room to read Othello. Lenina copes with their muddled communication and abrupt good night by taking more soma.
Chapter 12
Bernard is trying to summon the Savage who curses him in Zuñi and refuses to come out of his room to entertain, among others, the Arch-Community Songster. Bernard is ultimately humiliated as his guests leave and lose the little respect they had for him. Mustapha Mond is reviewing a paper, "A New Theory of Biology", which he is actually impressed with but notes it is dangerous and censors it, ?Not to be published?. Bernhard turns to Helmholtz, apologising and in need of his unconditional friendship and sympathy again. They both spend a lot of time with John, Helmholtz and John embarking on intellectual discussion and sharing of poetry much to Bernhard's growing jealousy, which he takes increasing amounts of soma in hopes of quelling. John the Savage continues to adhere to his Indian and Christian traditional mores when discussion of Romeo and Juliet comes up.
Chapter 13
At the Embryo Store, Henry Foster asks Lenina to go to a Feely with him but she's not interested. He's concerned about her weariness and suggests she get a Pregnancy Substitute or a Violent Passionate Surrogate treatment. Frustrated and distracted by him she forgets where she left off in giving sleeping sickness injections to embryos. ...

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