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Beitrag von SteffiMGN

30.01.2008 15:54:49


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ääääääääähm könnt ihr ma folgende texte kurz überfliegen und korrigiereN? mein eng is manchma so grottenschlecht, dass ich grad echt unsicher bin ob man das überhaupt so abgeben kann :/

1. Summary of the Movie
2. What is different in the Amish’s way of life?

1. The movie starts with the murder of a police man which is witnessed by the young Amish boy Samuel Lapp. He is questioned by the police officer John Book who discovers that his superior is also involved in this case. He notices the danger in which Samuel and his mother are and they go to the country. Book adjusts to the Amish’s way of life and falls in love with Samuels widowed mother Rachel.

2. The Amish have a completely different lifestyle than ours. I think the main difference is that they do not use any electrical energy. They do not need current, use no cars and have no phones. Instead of cars they use for example horse-drawn-buggies. I think it is kind of a very old-fashioned lifestyle but they do very well. Samuel from the movie is the best example, at the beginning he is happy about a little toy made of wood. That shows that they do not need expensive things like we do. And they are independent of modern society. They can do their own farming as well as built their houses without help from “outside the community”, so they support themselves.
Furthermore their clothes are very outdated. I think they wear the same clothes like people did over two hundred years ago. Mostly they are very dark and men wear hats. Women wear long dresses and bonnets.

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