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English Analyse

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Beitrag von BlackTige...

18.11.2007 18:27:36


Profilbild von BlackTiger1987 ...

BlackTiger1987 hat das Thema eröffnet...

Ich brauche jetzt dringend eure Hilfe,...ich muss eine analyse in english schreiben.
die 4 fragen da unten müssen im hauptteiil zu finden sein.
oder ihr könnt mir auch die fragen einfach so einzeln beantworten. danke im vorraus

1. Pich out evidence from the report to show that English is becoming Europe`s international language.
2. Why are `linguistic nationalists` likely to be disappointed by the findings of the survey?
3. Why should people who dream of a united Europe be in two minds about the survey?
4. Why does the writer mention the experience of personnel managers at the end of the report?

English is still on the march
Britons are lazy about languages because English is the EU`s lingua franca

Is English becoming the European Union`s lingua franca? A survey of the languages skills of 16,000 EU citizens says that it is well on the way to becoming just that. Perhaps more surprisingly, the survey also suggests that more and more (non - British or Irish) Europeans accept the idea that all Europeans should learn English.
Over 40% of respondents `claimed to speak` English as a foreign language. Add to that the almost 16% of the EU´s citizens who speak English as a native language, and you already have over half the population of the EU.
The unstoppable march of English is often said to anger non-native English-speakers across Europe, particularly the French and, increasingly, the Germans and others as well. However, the survey seems to show that this anti-English opposition may be much exaggerated by a loud minority of ´linguistic nationalists´.
In fact, about 69% of respondents agreed with the statement that ´everybody should speak English´- including 66% of the Frenc. This is only slightly less than the number for the UK itself.
The rise of English within the EU may be good news for those who dream of a truly united Europe. They have always had to fight against the argument that political integration, as well as labour mobility within the single market, is impracticable because of the lack of a single European language.
But those in favour of a united Europe should not celebrate too soon. Even now, nearly half of all EU citizens still speak no language other then their own, thoug many of these are native speakers of English. More threatening to federalist dreams are the words ´claimed to speak´. As any personnel manager will tell you, people are nothing if not optimistic about their knowledge of a foreign language - until they actually have to use it.

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Beitrag von BlackTige...

18.11.2007 19:37:38


Profilbild von BlackTiger1987 ...

BlackTiger1987 hat das Thema eröffnet...


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