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Beitrag von Shadowspawn

20.10.2005 22:28:08


Profilbild von Shadowspawn ...


The twelve years old Ralph (p.10), is an athletic, attractive and healthy boy. (p.12: he can swim, p.22 attractive appearance, big size). Having the appearance of a typical leader, Ralph he is being voted as the group’s chief without any doubts. (p.23) However Ralph uses his position in order to detach from the other group members. (p.30) This behaviour can be seen as an effect of his upbringing and pride from his father side, a navy commander. (p.13) In the beginning Ralph’s behaviour against Piggy is common and offensive, because Ralph teases him in front of all participants in the meeting. (p.25).In the middle of the book Ralph recognizes Piggy to be very smart, that way they start to become friends.


Peggy is a chunky and unauthentic [Was soll das heißen? Wort ist mir volkommen unbekannt.] boy. (p 7. and p 13; he can’t swim) Furthermore, he is asthmatic and has to wear strong glasses. (P9 and p7) Being an orphan, he has to live with his aunt. (p.13) He seems to be very proud of her, since he mentions her pretty often. Peggy loner and the other kids make fun of him very often. E.g. [offizielle Abkürzung…], in case Peggy wants to state something, nobody listens to him, or when Peggy has an asthma-attack no-one even cares. (p.102) [Ralph has a big guilt on Piggy outside role because in the beginning Ralph tells the others, that Peggy’s real name is Piggy and so becomes Peggy an outsider, also he learns the names of the other and integrate them. (p.21)][Eher unnötig, wenn dann lieber: Peggy is an outsider, because Ralph named him “Piggy” - Pig = SchweinPiggy - , which the other group members picked up and used against Peggy.] Peggy is very smart, because in the beginning he has the idea to look for other survivors and to have a meeting. (p.14)

The comparison between Peggy and Ralph:
Peggy and Ralph are the total opposites of each other. Ralph is the good-looking leader while Peggy is the chunky and excluded loner. Although Peggy lives with his aunt and Ralph with his parents, both are very proud of their guardians. Ralph seems to be a boy of the upper class with a good education living in a secure home. In contrast, Peggy seems to live in the lower class, due to several mistakes in his language. (“we was attacked”, p.8)

Wenn sein richtiger Name Peggy ist, dann nenn ihn auch so, es sei denn er wird im Buch von Anfang an nur als Piggy bezeichnet. Ich hoffe das hilft dir soweit weiter. Ließ es noch mal durch! Sollte aber eigentlich passen…

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